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Dr. Sheila Bowling was raised with a strong church influence, received her first call to the ministry when she was just 12 years old, and started preaching and prophesying at the age of 17. Her ministry encompasses many major cities in the United States and Worldwide.

With a steadfast commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, a strong aroma of prayer, the passion of His word, and the love for God’s people, Dr. Sheila Bowling is a woman in constant pursuit of the Kingdom of God. In addition to being the founder of The House of Excellence International Ministries, Dr. Bowling is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur.

She is also the host of the internet show Heart 2 Heart with Mike and Sheila, a program dedicated to using Christian principles for forming and maintaining marriages.

Dr. Bowling has given her life to developing and transforming people through the principle of radical power of prayer. She is committed to changing the minds and transforming the attitudes and thoughts of people, one person at a time.

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