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Praise the Lord! I just want to take the time out to say "Welcome" to Simply Redeemed Ministries. What is Simply Redeemed Ministries all about? Simply Redeemed Ministries is a women’s empowerment ministry that celebrates true sisterhood in Christ! Simply Redeemed is a ministry and message of healing, restoration and an awakening of God's Redeeming Power that can operate in the lives of every woman, no matter what walk of life, color, ethnicity or culture.


Our goal is to provide powerful resources to minister to the total woman - mentally, spiritually and financially, and give you the tools you need to be a beacon of hope for those who are lost.


We have monthly empowerment meetings and seminars that are held in the Washington Metro Area every 3rd Saturday of the Month and a social networking website that you can join, free of charge, by filling out our contact form and indicating that you would like to join. 

We also come together every Tuesday night for prayer and fellowship on our prayerline and we celebrate – you - at our annual Women’s conference every year. So no matter who you are, just know that because of what Christ did on Calvary over 2000 years ago, if someone asks you, after all that you've been through - why do you have so much joy, tell them - "I am Simply Redeemed"!

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